Direct Marketing – visiblewave Has The Right Idea

Aug 20, 2019 | News

Direct marketing can be the most effective way of communicating but, for the manufacturer selling through a network of distributors, it can be difficult to accurately target the end user … or maybe not.

visiblewave have got the right idea.  The next 5000 x VK4L QUAD LNB’s that are shipped out of Bedford will contain a concertina folded leaflet covering the current range of six LNB’s that they offer in the UK.  Instantly they are targeting the right people, creating awareness and building on the growing loyalty their brand has established.  Genius.

The leaflet features:

  • VK4L Universal Ku Band QUAD LNB with brkt
  • VK8L Universal Ku Band OCTO LNB with brkt
  • VK5T QUAD + TERR “Mini-Multiswitch” LNB with brkt
  • VW2L WIDEBAND LNB (UK LO) with brkt
  • VHK6 HYBRID LNB with brkt (QUAD and WIDEBAND)
  • VQ4LP QUATTRO LNB low power consumption