Labgear First Again

Apr 19, 2018 | News

A table full of compliance reports from DTG Testing

Almost as soon as the DTG’s testing division gained accreditation to do testing for the Radio Equipment Directive Standard EN303354 Labgear submitted its range of indoor and masthead signal amplifiers. The results are evident in the picture above, every Labgear product passed with flying colours.

“Labgear have been marketing this range since mid-2017” said Chris Sayers, Labgear’s Commercial Manager “… but we felt it was important to get third-party accreditation because installers need to show that they are using RED compliant product as part of their due diligence”


A table full of compliance reports from DTG Testing

Whilst RED is not at the top of everyone’s list of priorities Ofcom have started to include it as part of their market surveillance programme in support of the government’s aim to maximise the use of the RF spectrum for new technologies and businesses. So it is going to become a bigger issue for suppliers and installers as well as manufacturers.


Chris Sayers

18 April 2018