Encoder Modulator & Combiner

Part No: EM1001


Adds more channels to any TV system – now with HDMI loop through

The Labgear EM1001 converts the signal from an HDMI source into a digital format that can be distributed around a TV system over coax cable to all DTT receivers, PVR’s and TVs.

• Combines the signal from the HDMI source with a TV aerial signal
• Preserves the High Definition quality of the original source up to 1080p @ 60Hz
• Allows set up of the new signal so that every TV receives it on the same remote control number
• The new channel can be given a name that is visible on screen when selected by any TV connected
• Gives a wider choice of HD channels for entertainment, information or security applications

Signal Sources

Any HD signal source up to and including 1080p resolution that uses an HDMI output can be converted and distributed via the EM1001 including: Blu-ray players, satellite receivers, terrestrial receivers and PVR’s, cameras, PC’s etc.

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