MRX955F Mini DigiLink with F Connection

Part No: MRX955F


DigiLink® Compact IR Remote Extender for use with Sky™, Sky+™ and Sky+HD™* satellite receivers.

  • Provides full remote control of the satellite signal using the reverse path via the F connection over coax cable to the RF2 output
  • Includes adhesive pad for mounting on the frames of LCD / LED / Plasma screens
  • Powered by the RF2 output on Sky™, Sky+™ and earlier Sky+HD™digital satellite receivers
  • Also I/O port* compatible when used with the Labgear MRX600K I/O port converter
  • Fully electronic interface at receiver
  • No infra red emitter buttons required
  • For use with non-isolated outlet plates only
  • *Most Sky+HD™ receivers don’t have an RF2 output but you can use an MRX600K to convert the I/O port to function as an RF2 output
  • Colour: Black

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