The Radio Equipment Directive (RED)

May 10, 2017 | News

In June of this year the Radio Equipment Directive comes into force and Labgear are ready with an updated range of products with enhanced filtering to meet the new Standards.

As a leader in the manufacture of filters Labgear has welcomed this move which it is hoped will ensure poor quality products are removed from the market. Customers can only benefit.

“The government needs better products in the market place to support the accelerating development of the RF spectrum” said Commercial Manager Chris Sayers, “If we want 4G and Bluetooth working alongside WiFi and terrestrial TV then products of all types need to improve. Labgear supplied filters to at800 specifically to mitigate problems that arise from the evolving RF environment but in future this shouldn’t be necessary”

Building better filters into signal boosters and distribution amplifiers is what Labgear have been doing for years. It seems the market is about to catch up.